The Last Minutes

Illustration of a businesswoman worried out of time

I do believe that this is my first post of the year, and it begins with “Last Minutes”.  Sounds foreboding, but it isn’t, really.  I’m actually in the very early stages of labor right now, yes, during the Super Bowl, and I want to write a few posts before Baby J is born.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am not going to get “a few” posts in, but I had to write AT LEAST one.  I honestly and truly wanted to post this whole pregnancy, but how does one find the time?  No, really?  How do you do it?  If you’re married and you and your spouse both work full-time and you have other children and you have a fairly active social life, please tell me how you have time to write  (if that’s your thing) or do any other hobbies. I need some tips. 🙂


Anyway, that’s not why I’m here today.  I’m here today to write a little bit about this new, incoming, baby girl.  I’ve posted a few times about our now toddler, N, and life is very fun with her.  She is growing and developing well and is quite the techno toddler.  I’m always amazed by what she can do: unlock my cellphone and make specific phone calls, change movies in the player and start the new movie, turn her little netbook on, sign in, and type her name (along with a bunch of gibberish), call up the command prompt on my computer and run tasks in Russian that would destroy my computer if my husband didn’t catch her in time.  And she’s TWO! Amazing. I wonder how much of it is this generation and how much of it is her being just like my husband?


I also wonder how Baby J will be.  Will she be more of the creative type, like me, or another techno baby, like my hubby and N?  Will she be drama or will she be shy?  Will she be stubborn, sweet, or another bossy pants?  I also wonder if she’ll be another sugar cookie like N or a chocolate chip cookie, like me?  Will her hair be super curly and brown or wavy and black or medium curly and reddish?  Will she have hazel eyes like her dad or brown eyes like me and N?  I wonder….


I can hardly ever tell anything from ultrasounds pictures, but we saw one picture the week before last in which we could actually see her face clearly (she usually covers her face with little fists).  She looked so sweet!  She had full, pouty lips and a sweet, round face, and even though it’s impossible, she looked more brown to me lol.  Either way, now is the time, and we will be headed to the hospital at any moment.  I hope to be able to write again sooner rather than later.  (I actually have a lot to share.)  Wish us luck!

Magic Night Light

My husband thinks he is so smart.  I mean, he is pretty smart, but he can’t trick me!  He installed this new flux capacitor magic night light on my computer that does some type of voodoo blue light alterations so my brain will think it’s time to go to bed.  As you can tell from some of my  other posts, I don’t usually turn into a pumpkin until well after midnight.  I’m the ultimate night owl!  But tonight, I’m struggling.  Doesn’t he know that the only time I have to write is AFTER baby goes to bed, and the kitchen has been cleaned, and the laundry has been put away, and the floors have been Swiffer-ed???  How could he do this to me???  Silly computer magic…that works.  I’m soooo sleepy.  My eyelids are quite heavy, and I can barely keep them open enough to write you.

Not-So Night Owl

Not-So Night Owl


So blame my husband for missing out on the story I had for you tonight.  I’ll try again tomorrow, before the flux capacitor sends my brain to bed for the night.





Good night!