Magic Night Light

My husband thinks he is so smart.  I mean, he is pretty smart, but he can’t trick me!  He installed this new flux capacitor magic night light on my computer that does some type of voodoo blue light alterations so my brain will think it’s time to go to bed.  As you can tell from some of my  other posts, I don’t usually turn into a pumpkin until well after midnight.  I’m the ultimate night owl!  But tonight, I’m struggling.  Doesn’t he know that the only time I have to write is AFTER baby goes to bed, and the kitchen has been cleaned, and the laundry has been put away, and the floors have been Swiffer-ed???  How could he do this to me???  Silly computer magic…that works.  I’m soooo sleepy.  My eyelids are quite heavy, and I can barely keep them open enough to write you.

Not-So Night Owl

Not-So Night Owl


So blame my husband for missing out on the story I had for you tonight.  I’ll try again tomorrow, before the flux capacitor sends my brain to bed for the night.





Good night!

Dreams I

Found this in my drafts…pretend I posted it back in January 2013.  🙂

During my pregnancy, I dreamed often of how my daughter would look. It was a great mystery to us, and still is. The night before we took her to the beach for the first time, I dreamt that she had long, curly brown hair. My hair is thick, slightly longer than shoulder-length, and full of tight, raven-black ringlets. My husband’s hair is gently wavy and dark brown with occasional flecks of red. Right now, my daughter doesn’t have much hair so we still wonder…and I always dream about how it will finally look.