I’ve been wanting to share this with you since we returned home from our trip last week.  I actually have quite a few things to share…I just need to learn how to put baby down so I can blog.  Her cuddle-highness is difficult to put down, though!  Anyway, let me get this story out before she awakens.  It made my travel day.

TSA:  Please take out any quart bags that contain liquids.

Husband:  Here ya go.

wheres the milk

TSA:  Is this it?

Husband:  Yep.

:::Incredulous Silence:::

TSA:  Just this one bag?

Husband:  Yep.

TSA:  Are you sure?

Husband:  Yep.

TSA:  What about the liquids for the baby?

Me:  I am the liquids for the baby.

TSA:  🙂