Now who’s eating humble pie

I met a new friend in my CrossFit class last month, and we get along very well.  We have a few things in common and often chat before and after class.  This month, our friendship left the gym and went out for drinks and appetizers.  Because of her name, accent, and appearance (caramel skin and eyes, straight-ish brown hair with highlights), I just assumed she was Hispanic and didn’t think much of it.  But then one day, she was holding my daughter and fluently speaking German to her!  Not Spanish…German.  I was so surprised that it took me a second to realize that my husband, who also speaks German and not Spanish, was chatting with her in not-Spanish.

Not Spanish.

I couldn’t believe it.  I found out over drinks yesterday that her mother is white American and her dad is Sudanese, and they raised their family in Germany.

She’s German.

Now who’s eating humble, misconception pie…. 🙂

New Year’s Day Reflections

It’s New Year’s Day, and we’ve been pretty chill.  Hubby has been on his computer all day, and baby girl has been strapped to me in the Baby K’tan while I played Words With Friends, caught up on Facebook posts, and watched movies with  the in-laws.

We first watched the newest Madea – Witness Protection – and now we’re on a Harry Potter marathon.  Both movies make me think about my daughter and how she would fit in.  Would she be a fish out of water at Madea’s house like that family was?  If something happened to us and she had to go live with someone else, would she be deprived of one whole side of her heritage, like Harry was before the big shaggy dude rescued him?

running fish from aquarium

Will we be able to give her fair and balanced doses of both cultures, or does it not even matter?  I mean, it IS 2013…I would hope that she has no trouble finding her place.  It isn’t illegal for her to exist or for her father and I to be together, but she looks different (and kids are still cruel).  Is it possible for her to be confidently secure in both parts of herself and fit in both worlds?