Dreams I

Found this in my drafts…pretend I posted it back in January 2013.  🙂

During my pregnancy, I dreamed often of how my daughter would look. It was a great mystery to us, and still is. The night before we took her to the beach for the first time, I dreamt that she had long, curly brown hair. My hair is thick, slightly longer than shoulder-length, and full of tight, raven-black ringlets. My husband’s hair is gently wavy and dark brown with occasional flecks of red. Right now, my daughter doesn’t have much hair so we still wonder…and I always dream about how it will finally look.

A New Year…A New Journal

It’s about 12 minutes before the arrival of 2013, and I just wanted to drop in and say hello.  I’m looking forward to writing here, and my goal is to write often.  I haven’t done very well with my website, but I do have plans to write there, as well.  While my website is dedicated to writings that I hope to publish one day, this site is just about life as I perceive it and as it directly relates to my family.

I wish I had started this journal when we discovered almost a year ago that we were pregnant.  Before my daughter was born, I dreamt of her often.  What would she look like?  How would her hair be?  Would she be brown like me?  Would she love me?  These might sound like silly questions, but they were there, in my mind, and legitimate concerns.  Even people around me voiced my private thoughts.  I’ll tell you what they said later…it’s almost time and I need to go curl up with my hubby and baby girl for the countdown.

Welcome, 2013.

It’s nice to meet you.  🙂