I’ve been wanting to share this with you since we returned home from our trip last week.  I actually have quite a few things to share…I just need to learn how to put baby down so I can blog.  Her cuddle-highness is difficult to put down, though!  Anyway, let me get this story out before she awakens.  It made my travel day.

TSA:  Please take out any quart bags that contain liquids.

Husband:  Here ya go.

wheres the milk

TSA:  Is this it?

Husband:  Yep.

:::Incredulous Silence:::

TSA:  Just this one bag?

Husband:  Yep.

TSA:  Are you sure?

Husband:  Yep.

TSA:  What about the liquids for the baby?

Me:  I am the liquids for the baby.

TSA:  🙂

3 thoughts on “Liquids?

  1. I will start by saying Formula is a wonderful invention in case of a medical need. I knew a woman who had a cyst in her breasts and underwent radiation and was seriously unable to breastfeed. So in such cases, formula is wonderful. However, sadly, most people are under this impression that formula feeding will be easier and that the baby will be more full, and there is a culture that believes it’s disgusting. Sadly. But this is all just ignorance. Media portraying formula easily available. Doctors pushing it on their patients. In the right environment, with the right support almost all women can produce an adequate amount of breastmilk and provide it to their infants naturally. The pump is a great invention to keep it going while moms work, and if there is a latching problem, many women pump and provide their babies with breast milk in the bottle. Sadly, this culture is just whatever the doctor says or the media says is right. Instead of each individual going out and doing the research. I was in the pediatricians office just the other day, a mom was telling me about how she really didn’t try to keep breastfeeding going due to not having the right support. She also mentioned how many things her infant was allergic to. I couldn’t help but think if only someone had helped her in the beginning and educated her in the benefits of breastmilk, especially in the fact that it lowers the statistics of your baby having allergies at all. I don’t understand why more women don’t embrace it. It’s Free #1. and its the best thing you have to offer your infant. Plus there is no comparing giving your baby a bottle to giving your baby the breast. The bond is irreplaceable.

  2. Love it. So sad that the assumption is made that the baby is fed formula. I feel as though we should as humans that produce milk naturally to feed our offspring, assume first that there would be liquids within you to provide to your infant, and then be surprised when there is formula in the bag of liquids.

    • Agreed! Why do so many women formula feed? Why is it perceived to be “less natural” in our society to breastfeed? It still seems negatively amazing to me how many mothers not only do not breastfeed but look down on those who do. Fortunately, the TSA agent (an older woman) smiled and proceeded on, but what if she had given me a scorned look instead?

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